Online Store Instructions

Welcome to the online store! You can view your pictures and order a large menu of things including prints, coffee mugs, mousepads, etc.

My store allows you to create a unique design if you like as well! Its a lot of fun - take a minute to get familiar with all the choices.

  1. Click the link provided below.
  2. After you are in the site...simply select "prints" from the menu at the bottom if you desire just that. (However as you browse the choices you may want to explore all the other fun items you can create and order).
  3. After you select, say "prints" then click on the arrow at the bottom right that says "add photos to begin".
  4. On the next screen select Online Library. When you see the name of your event simply click on it. Now you will see all the pictures and you can choose some or all of the pictures you wish to order.
  5. After you select the ones you are interested in then the click LOAD PHOTOS.
  6. Then click the bottom right arrow that says "add photos to begin" again.
  7. Now you will see all the photos on a screen where you can select sizes and quantities and a checkout similar to most online stores.
  8. You can change from prints, to coffee mugs to mouse pads at a click of a button!
  9. With items other than prints you are able to apply custom designs from a menu at the left.

It is a lot of fun! Give it a try. It is awesome. If you desire a custom item and don’t wish to design it yourself call us! 309.682.4300 We will design it for you.

If you want finished large portraits you need to call the shop. 309 682 4300. Do not order them online. We will not guarantee the quality of any prints over the size of 11x14. Do Not order them online .


309.682.4300 ~ E-mail
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